Thursday, September 29, 2011


Dearest Ana,

For your birthday with wishes for beautiful pursuits!
In the package you sent, I was offered the following:
1. a Polaroid "I-zone" instant pocket camera
2. a link to an image with the definition of drapetomania inscribed on its surface.

In these, I found the concept of Pursuit.

According to Merriam-Webster, the following words rhyme with Pursuit.

(yes, Beirut was included--- I did not add it!)


makebelieve that longing is all that matters
you will keep returning to small

the camera has a rubber handle like the ones on underwater masks, I imagine it swinging from
my wrist as I walk fast, accidently hitting another hurried body. Instead, I set it on the desk, it watches
there are four settings: off, cloudy, sunny and a small figure in a box with a triangle roof. I open it and
no film, only its possibility. It is shaped like this, like landscape, like purple plastic landscape

my day is long
there is coffee
without sugar

write about
spoken form
and language

will you find
a way to talk
about loss

in the afternoon
I stop to change
buildings, rain

arrive soaked
ask for more
time, not enough

orange bucket
seats and a
book, quick

look down
and prepare
tomorrow, soon

near the bridge
exit, walk to
water, skip it

we shove into
wooden corners
make plans for

next summer
beneath street
lamp, two bikes

you and I, towards
the hill, do not run
its warm now

later, there will be
remnants of film
open, find sound

12 exposures, September 20, 2011.



This is no Aphrodisiac from RepúbliKa Libre on Vimeo.


Remember the heads up we got back in August? Here's the video...Space!


It was really fun. My artistic process when like this...

cut up a bunch of paper and make shapes like the cookie cutters
use an entire glue stick to make an elaborate pile of paper that I had hoped would look like the DR but was actually it's mirror image. Turn whole thing over and freak out a little
Get Crockett to make it look like something good
Take tons of pictures and try out every effect until happy



From JP...thank you. It's beautiful. Check it out:



embrace this year.

Your numbers curve

gently like the tangerine coral

you mimic: soft, bendable, your

fingers touch surface. You unfold this year.

This year you find yourself at home in tropical

seas and sway to jazz beats in cool dark rooms.

Say freedom. No, no: scream Freedom! Inhale

the last 35 years. Remember: all the words you wrote.

The memories carved under skin. Your fleshy rind holds

names of ex lovers, their faces, tears, even their voices.

That skin, those words, they sing, hum, whisper,

scream, pray, chant, sometimes they are silent.

Now exhale. Let those memories flow out.

Remember: there is enough room to collect

new ones. Ana, bend fingers.

Touch water, sand, stone

and especially skin.

Say Ashé.